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In light of all the horrible rulings that went down in New York concerning abortion, I would like to encourage us in the Pro Life Movement.  


I am not rebuking anyone for being vocal… no way!


I am not restricting anyone from posting on social media… no way!


I am not reprimanding anyone for being political… no way!


We need to keep up and turn up the pressure on abortionists and its advocates.


But I do want all of us to add to our action one important task - I want us to PRAY for these women. PRAY for the women who agree with and support abortion. PRAY for the women who are pregnant and are contemplating, or even scheduled to have an abortion. PRAY for the women who have had an abortion and consider it a form of moral birth control. PRAY for the women who have had an abortion and are dealing with the daily guilt and trauma of that choice. 


We are angry and we should be, but let’s keep these women before the throne. In standing against such a horrific genocide within our country, we need to lift up these ladies and ask God to soften their hearts, so that they realize what is going on; that they would realize that there is an actual life within them and they have been called by God to care for that life. 


We need to pray for those women who support, rally, vote, chant, applaud, picket, protect, and legislate on behalf of this genocide. These women who advocate for the murder of millions need a change of heart and mind.  We need to pray that they turn their hearts to the Lord and not to the whims of convenience.   


We need to pray for those women who are now suffering with the trauma of abortion; the devastating after effects of the termination of a pregnancy. The emotions of guilt flood many a woman's lives after making that choice. They are hurting and Jesus is the only means by which they can have true freedom and forgiveness for the actions of the past. 


So let us continue the fight and never let up… but let us never forget to speak the Loving Gospel of Jesus Christ to each of them and pray for them… that they would see that abortion is never an option and that they would see that it is a life - not a mistake that needs to be removed. Pray for the Women!

- Pastor Andrew

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